6 Intresting Reasons Why New Mothers Require More Sleep Comparatively

6 Intresting Reasons Why New Mothers Require More Sleep Comparatively


Sleeping Baby and MotherThe happiest moment in the life of a couple is to hold their little one in their hands and be bowled over by their just born baby’s adorable smile. However, to reach at that stage a lot of patience and hard work is needed. It is not an easy job to handle pregnancy as the new mommy will have a lot of bodily as well as mood changes. This can lead to irritation and stress too. As a husband or a family member, you need to make sure that you help the new mommy get through it and make her experience a beautiful one.

The other word for parenthood is sleepless nights. This is relatively true as taking care of a newborn is a lot of hard work, especially for mothers and it often results in sleepless nights or only a couple of hours of sleep some days. It can be quite challenging for new mothers to cope up with the daily routine, caring for the baby and also managing the family if she is sleep deprived and can make her really tired and frustrated.  Being sleep deprived can also impact the emotional and physical well being of the mother and its necessary to help her get enough sleep.


Sleep is very vital for the proper functioning of your brain and body. So here are the 6 most important reasons why new mommies must get more sleep:

Reason #1: She’ll Be More Alert

It’s quite obvious that the better you sleep at night, the more alert you are during the daytime.  According to some studies, missing out sleep even as less as 1 or 1 1.2 hours during the night can decrease the alertness by 30 %. In that case, new mommies will have only about 40-50 % alertness during the day if they miss about 3-4 hours of sleep each day.


Reason #2: She’ll Be Less Prone To Accidents and Injury

Another risk associated with sleep deprivation is being vulnerable to injury and accidents, at home, workplace or on the road. Experts opine that drunk driving is similar to driving while drowsy and both are dangerous for the mother. New mothers must get a good night’s sleep to prevent feeling drowsy and tired during the ay time. This is especially important if the woman has other children or family to attend and need to drive the kids to school and back or get groceries etc.

Reason #3: Adequate Sleep Can Help Prevent Low Milk Supply

Insufficient sleep can also cause low breast milk production in mothers and this will only add to her existing problems as the baby will be hungry and cranky all day long. To add to her troubles, a low milk supply can also have other repercussions in the long run. The last thing a mother wants is low milk supply and the inability to fulfill her baby’s hunger. So it’s the responsibility of the spouse or the family members to help the new mother get proper sleep.


Reason #4: She’ll Be Less Irritable And Grumpy

Being sleep deprived for many days in a row can really make the mother feel exhausted, irritable, cranky, frustrated and flat and can make it really difficult for her to manage the household chores and also the day long baby care. At times, she may be angry or snappy and it’s quite understandable after losing so many hours of sleep. Once the partner or spouse, helps her with some chores or creates some time for the mother to get a few hours of sleep, the frustration and grumpiness will fade away.

Reason #5: She’ll have A Better Relationship with You

Being sleep deprived can have a huge impact on the productivity and mothers may feel the drag and work lesser or spend lesser time with the family or the husband or the other kids. This can affect the relationship. Her moods and frustrations due to lack of sleep can also lead to arguments, or fights and worsen her mood. This may also make the mommies sad and depressed, which she should not be, as mothers need to enjoy their parenting days and cherish these moments. It’s the duty of her family or partner and people around the new mother, to help her with the chores and make her get enough sleep for her to be fresh, active and in good spirits.


Reason #6: She’ll have lesser chances of developing post delivery depression

Over the time, gradual sleep deprivation can result in depression among women. Sleep needs to be adequate otherwise it will not only mess with her mood but will also make her uninterested and upset on a daily basis. She will also not be able to care for the emotional and physical needs of the baby properly. So you should look for signs and make sure that the new mommy can manage as much sleep as she can.